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In today’s market, branding your product is very important in influencing the success or failure of the item. Products especially from Sub-Sahara Africa have failed to hit the market even locally because they have not been making use of branding to create awareness.

What makes a brand a brand?

“What is a brand?” This is the question I asked one of my trainees. Without thinking, as many people know it, she said it is the logo and colors of a company. She was not wrong, but that’s not all. Many people take a brand only for logo, color or name. It is far more than that.

A brand is a name, symbols, words, design, all combined to identify a company, a product or a service to differentiate it from competition.

I wrote this article I Couldn’t Get An Interview With Her, But Her Product Branding where I talked of Nina Ngassa’s Nina’s Slow Boyz, a packaged snails which she branded and hit the Cameroon and international market with. I mentioned in this post how many people believe branding is for big companies. This is where many young entrepreneurs fail.

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