Tzy Panchak Pays Homage Eseka Rail Crash Victims

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Tzy Panchak Pays Homage Eseka Rail Crash Victims

It’s just some few days now that we had the terrible incident in Eseka that took away may lives. Cameroon is still mourning and the 237 entertainment industry is not left behind. They are doing a great job.

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To show their sympathy, some artists didn’t sleep and went to the studio to come up with great songs to pay homage to the ones who lost their lives, sympathize with their families and give healing words to victims who are still in or out hospital.

Radio Balafon played Petit Pays song (I haven’t got the audio online yet. Will update if I fall on it) yesterday paying homage to the victims and exposing the weakness of our leaders in circumstances like this.

But getting a video already is surprising. Tzy Panchak already came out with a video directed by our one and only AFRIMMA 2016 nominee, Mysta Adrenalyne (see Na Mysta Adrenalyne Directam & Adrenaline Visual Effects Studio). Who says the 237 entertainment industry is still lagging.

Watch Tzy Panchak – Eseka Freestyle paying homage to victims of all those who lost their loved ones during the tragic train crash at Eseka on Friday 21 October, 2016. Kudos!

Enjoy while we sympathize with them.

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