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Tiny ScannerYou are blocked somewhere and you can’t reach the office on time to send that very important document you have in you case. You have heard of the possibility of turning your smart-phone into a scanner but still looking for something handy that can do just that. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner is lightweight scanner app which does just this using your Android device. You can use this pdf document scanner app to scan documents, invoices, photos, business cards, reports and so on.

You don’t need to spend huge amounts of cash to buy a scanner meanwhile you can turn your mobile phone into a portable scanner. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner is light and very fast. It has been designed for both phones and tablets.

You can use Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner to scan as well as print or email scan documents as multiple pages of PDF or JPEG files. You can also save the scanned documents into your device where you can open them with other apps.


  • Scans quickly and easily any type of document from receipt to a multiple page book

  • Scanned document can be exported to a PDF file. They can be all exported as industry-standard PDF file leaving the possibility for pages to be added or deleted within the PDF file

  • Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner is optimized to run extremely fast

  • It is possible to scan and save images or PDFs in your device

  • It supports multiple editing for scanned documents. This Tiny Scanner has varied image editing options that makes scanned images easy to read.

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner app for your mobile lets you scan in color, black & white as well as gray-scale. It has 5 levels of contrasts for crisp monochrome texts. It can be used at home, office, school or where ever you find yourself.

Download Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner

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If you got questions about this app, you can email Meanwhile, you can share your experience using Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner with us at the comment section.