Team Building – Necessary For Start-up Growth In Cameroon

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Team Building – Necessary For Start-up Growth In Cameroon


One of the most difficult task start-ups face is recruiting the right people for the right job. The first step in building a strong business is forming the right team. Team building is something that young entrepreneurs need to take at heart. It is very common to see start-ups or small businesses in Cameroon run by one person. This trend usually happens because the owners may not want to spend in employing others, has had a bad experience working with others or it might just be for selfish reasons.

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A startup’s success or failure actually depends much on the strength of the team than on the strength of the idea, product or service. Building the right team can even help you get funding. Venture capitalists in particular fund teams and not business plans. Banks at times offer loans after looking at the portfolio of team members. Business plans can change anytime due to changes in the market and possible opportunities that may come up. A strong team will be able to make adjustments to meet changes in the market.

The most effective way when starting a business is to do most of the work yourself if possible. This is a cost-effective method of doing things when starting. As your business starts to grow, you eventually need to outsource some of the activities to more qualified people.

Why Do You Need A Team?

There are certain skills that will be necessary when a business starts growing. As the business grows, it will be difficult for you alone to carry out the tasks like accounting, sales, marketing and other operating activities alone.

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Build A Winning Team

Putting up a winning team demands a lot. Some of the things you have to take note of are:

  • You need to match jobs to skill and strength of people thereby giving team members the responsibility according to their skill level.

  • It should not be on a friendly or family bases. Keep sentiments aside when it comes to recruiting members for your team.

  • Even you as the owner should be honest with yourself. Don’t give yourself titles that you cannot assume. You must be the right person for the job that your title signifies.

  • Smart entrepreneurs will even go further by hiring their own boss if they see that they are skilled in something else.

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Have you had an experience in building a team for your start-up? Share your pros and cons with us in the comment box.

Kermann Lobga Derick
Kermann Lobga Derick
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