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Teams remain the most important ingredient when you plan to build a successful business. Smart entrepreneurs will always go for the right skill sets to make up a successful team. They choose the right team members with the necessary ability and who can work together well.

Good results are produced when these team members have a sense of solidarity and carry out their assigned tasks with love for what they are doing.

In a previous post, I talked about why team building is necessary for the growth of start-ups in Cameroon. This is because most start-ups in Cameroon find it difficult to build a successful team or even have one at all. Most of the time, it is not the fault of the entrepreneur, but the fact that most team members forget about the vision and would want to get the fruits of their contribution immediately. This lack of vision makes it difficult for them to put in their best or even stay with the team.

In this post, I wish to share with entrepreneurs what to do when they want to build a successful team for their business. It works very well. There are some things you have to avoid as well as others that you have to implement.

1. Keep Executives Aside At The Beginning

If you want to uphold the vision of your company, keep aside the VIP roster. Your business needs functional roles at the beginning. You can come in as co-founders. Make sure each persons role complements the other.

2. Bring In Generalists

At the beginning stage of your business, you will need to get people who can carry out many functions. These are guys who can be helpful outside their field of competence. To carry this out, you need to make sure you hire the core technical skills and bring in people with specific roles that have the ability to carry on other roles.

3. Go For Those Who Have Failed Before

Those who have experienced failure are better than those who have never failed before. Failure as we know is a great source of insight. Those that have failed before and believe they can rise again are the right people for building a startup.

4. Why Hire People Like You?

There is no need hiring people like you. This is one cause of startup failures. They want to hire people like them. Your business will need diverse experiences, talents and philosophies. Go for those that you know you will spend a lot of time with them. Spending a lot of time means they have something else to offer other than what you already know.

5. Keep Aside The Asshole

Yes, I mean it. Keep them aside, even if you are the one. Don’t hire someone that will piss you off even if the person is highly talented. The one with an ego should be a no-go area no matter how accomplished they are. They will create more damage to your business than their talent can make up for. If you are the asshole, then just accept and go for help.

6. Passion Should Be At The Forefront are a startup, you don’t have the cash to go for talent and you don’t want the 8-4 job. What you need is to get a team that shares your passion for your business. They should see your business like a non-monetary way for them to help change the world. If they don’t have the passion for your business idea like you do, then it will be a job to them which will let you hate them.

Everything about entrepreneurship is achieving the things that are much bigger than what you can do by yourself. What you do as an entrepreneur is not just to achieve the goals but to build a team that will attain the goal. If you actually want to achieve your goals, then bringing others to help you reach it is very necessary. You need to look for the right team members and assign their specific jobs. If you choose your team rightly, they will become successful as well as make your business successful.

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There are many more that can be added to the above list. Don’t hesitate to share with us what you think can help build a successful team in the comment section below.