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The third issue of Cameroon’s #1 bridal magazine, Tikay’s Bridal Magazine, is out for free. The February 2017 edition of this magazine published by is filled with tips for couples, would-be couples and inspiring wedding photo shoots.

After a short break with uncertain happenings, the publisher / editor decided to put this issue out to the public on the eve of Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love.

Celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day

In the article “Why you should not let this Valentine’s Day Pass you by”, Arrey Sandrine tells couples why love is not only necessary but “a duty to your spouse” and marriage. For those who have not yet downloaded their copy, do so now. The tips are great and you know it “could be a great opportunity to rekindle the romance in your marriage”, Arrey Sandrine.

Successful Wedding Tips

This publication carries tips on how to plan a successful wedding. This is a day for the bride and groom and you know ideas will keep coming from different directions confusing you the more. Stay cool, Tikay’s Bridal Magazine has put it all in one article. All you need is to download now and read.

Wedding Reception Ideas

Reception is one of the core things in a wedding. This issue of Tikay’s Bridal Magazine gives you ten useful tips on how to plan your wedding reception.

Download your free copy of Tikay’s Bridal Magazine to get your Ten Useful Tips on Planning Your Reception by Kareen T.

Honeymoon Planning

After wedding, there should be happiness. This happiness takes the form of a perfect honeymoon to consummate your marriage to the fullest. Get ideas about planning your honeymoon from the latest issue of Tikay’s Bridal Magazine, Cameroon’s number 1 Bridal Magazine.

Out-Door Ceremony Venues

Are you going venue-hunting for your wedding? Do you need some great ideas and answers to questions you should be asking? All the answers to your questions are found in the February 2017 issue of Tikay’s Bridal Magazine. Download your copy now for great outdoor ceremony venue ideas.

On a woman’s wedding day, make-up and hair-do is gold. Kareen T. will tell you more about where to go for a great ebony hair care and mind-blowing make-ups. You can see breath-taking make-up pictures provided by Olive D. Don’t hesitate to check them out. Download your copy now!

Wedding Photography

Wao! Check out from this issue of Tikay’s Bridal Magazine some selected stunning wedding photographs of the season – the best picks from social media.

Going Wedding Planning?

Tikay’s Bridal Magazine will tell you what you should and you should not do when planning for your big day. This is seen in the article Wedding Planning – Blunders To Avoid. Make sure you avoid it by downloading your copy of Tikay’s Bridal Magazine now.

See you next issue!