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Nigerians in Cameroon need to have a residence permit to live and carry out business activities in Cameroon. In order to get this document, you must be in possession of your Consular Card that is issued by the Nigerian Consulate of the Region in which you are resident.

Why do you need to have a Consular Card first

All Nigerians in Cameroon must register with their consular services which is at the Nigerian Consulate. The Nigerian Consulate for the Northwest and Southwest Region is based in Buea meanwhile that of the Littoral and West Regions of Cameroon is based in Douala. It should be noted that 65% of the estimated 4 million Nigerians living in Cameroon are residing in the North West and South West Regions.

In other for the Nigerian Consulate to issue you a consular card, you must first of all show proof of having registered with any of the Nigerian Union groups where ever you are resident. The Union gives you a Union Card after paying for membership. It is only after having a Union Card that the Nigerian consular services issues you a Consular Card.

For those in the South West Regions, you can get a list of the Nigerian Union Presidents and their contacts.

With a consular card and passport, the immigration services in Cameroon can now issue you a residence permit which is valid for 2 years and renewable. This is the document that will enable you carry out business legally in Cameroon. Without it, you will be frequently disturbed by the authorities.

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