Network With Entrepreneurs Across The Globe Using Kaero

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August 28, 2017
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September 7, 2017

Network With Entrepreneurs Across The Globe Using Kaero

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As entrepreneurs, we need to have the right resources to help us achieve our goals. One of the most important of such resources is collaboration amongst us. I always insist on this because it is very necessary. Do not be that ‘selfish’ entrepreneur.

That not withstanding, I have something to share with you today. Remember I promised I will not see something interesting that will be of help and keep it away from you. If you have not subscribed yet for updates from this blog, then do so right now.

Kaero AppThe greatest way growth happens amongst entrepreneurs is through collaboration and networking. I fell on this app which helps entrepreneurs to network and engage with like-minded professionals, anytime, anywhere across the world.

Kaero is basically a mobile app that presents you with professional profiles of other users. You can filter out the profiles of those in the industry you are interested in. You can decide whether to connect or pass as you browse through profiles. This is anonymous as the other person will not know what you chose nor that you saw his profile.

With Kaero, you can also choose to connect with someone and after the person sees your profile, (s)he may decide to connect too. This done, a match is created. Both of you are notified and this gives you the possibility of making a videocall on the app to discuss whatever opportunity you want.

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Looking For A Co-Founder, Investor, Expertise, etc?

Kaero AppWith Kaero, you can discuss about your start-up idea with other professionals. If the person is interested, then you get a good match for your company. You might also be needing the services of a developer to help you with your product, then you can connect with people with that specific expertise. This means as entrepreneurs, you can set-up your profile with Kaero and sell your services with those who need it. You can also use it as a forum to get advice from experts. For example, if you have questions to ask about marketing, you can connect with marketing professionals and ask them for advice.

You can also use it to source for funds for your startup. You can approach investors to help you in raising funds for a startup. Note that Kaero is still new and doesn’t have many of such in the platform. Hopefully, that will happen in the nearest future as the team is working hard to get as many types of profiles as possible.

With Kaero, you can leave feedbacks if you are satisfied after a videocall as well as decide to share your contact details for further collaboration. Only if both users want to share their contact details after the call will these be displayed. This means users remain anonymous until they choose to exchange contacts in other to avoid being spammed.

Why The Name Kaero?

Kaero is gotten from ‘Kairos’ which according to Greek mythology was the personification of opportunity, favorable moments and luck. It connects you with those who are most relevant for your professional goals in other to get more in your professional life.

Download Kaero

It is available for Android and iOS. Get Kaero today and start creating new opportunities!

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