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Hiyaa! Hope you kicking strong as you start this new day. I decided to start my day with Blesolac. My son inspired me to write today. I was just imagining the look on his face when he sees his food and the satisfied look after he gulps down every spoonful. It seems he loves local products more.

A Happy Child Is That Who Eats Healthy Food

When bringing his food, he has a mixed feeling of fear and happiness. Fear that they may pass without giving him and happiness that it is time for Blesolac again. You will see the satisfaction on his face after he finishes everything. I mean everything. A wide smile, hand-clapping and then bed for a well-deserved rest.

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A well-fed child is happy and strong. I am talking about eating any type of food, but one that has all the necessary nutrients that bring out contentment to intense joy for your kid.

My Son Eats Blesolac

Local Products

Pascaline Nenda – CEO Lamana

This is no publicity for my friend and enterprising entrepreneur, Pascaline Nenda whose culinary skills in children food brought about the birth of Blesolac that puts smiles on kids faces.

It all started like this. Bebe Mich-Mich (as her sisters call him) was 5 months old and we couldn’t wait to give him Blesolac after a long patience. This got nothing to do about consuming local products (which I highly encourage), but it is about giving your child the best when compared to what the big names have in the market.

Let’s continue…after testing our boy with Blesolac for 5 days, the guy refused breast milk automatically (not a good idea). We couldn’t understand why. Was it the cold he had? My wife and I were worried because of the health effects – even though I was secretly happy – you know what I am talking about.

Anyhow, this guy embraced Blesolac. He is a strong and vibrant guy. He makes sure he finishes his food with wide eyes as he looks at his sisters who stand praying for him not to finish (Blesolac is good for 6 months and plus kids). After finishing, he gives them that look of “your prayers have not been answered.”

As I earlier said, this is not for publicity – even though I will not mind if Pascaline can consider this blog for such :). I am just sharing something good for parents with babies that are 6 months old.

Consume Local Products, Encourage Our Entrepreneurs


I am also thrilled by the fact that it is formula by our own entrepreneur which we have to encourage. We cannot be talking everyday of a poor economy when we don’t support our local industries. Growth doesn’t come from without, from multi-nationals – it comes from within, from local industries. Their profits are pumped back into our economy and not sent back to some headquarter out of Cameroon.

Every entrepreneur in Cameroon needs to be encouraged – not by financing, but by consuming the excellent local products and services they provide. When you consume, the profit they make is re-invested for more production and improved quality.

Blesolac Makes Children Smile

Blesolac can make a child cry and smile and a big smile after eating. Consume Cameroonian, encourage our own, bring up healthy children, feed them with Blesolac.

Check out details of Blesolac here and don’t hesitate to share your experience about the product if you have tried or after you have tried it. Use the comment box below.