Movie Premier: ‘A Man For The Weekend’ Premiere’s In Douala This Weekend

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Movie Premier: ‘A Man For The Weekend’ Premiere’s In Douala This Weekend

Candace Ayuk, are you avoiding my call…I mean how hard can it be to get a man and keep him?…”. That is a line from the movie A Man for the Weekend by the Cameroonian film maker, Syndy Emade.

The Movie Premiere that will take place in Douala (Canal Olympia – October 28, 2017) and Yaounde (Hilton Hotel – November 5, 2017) seems to be the most publicized movie premiere that has ever taken place in Cameroon.

From the look of things, it’s going to be a great movie as many are talking about it. Looking at the behind-the-scene pics that were shared during filming, it’s sure the cast didn’t spend their time joking about the movie.

The movie features Nollywood Star Alexx Ekubo as Bryan Mbah, an intern whom Candy (Syndy Emade) finds in her quest for a man for the weekend and finally agrees on a business deal to represent her ‘boyfriend’ on a visit to her mother over the weekend. Candy is a career-driven woman who cares less about the pleasures of life even though her mother pressures her to settle down.

The movie is directed by Achille Brice and stars:

Syndy Emade as Candy

Alexx Ekubo as Bryan Mbah

Nchifor Valery as Richard Mbome

Solange Ojong as Christelle Ayuk

Miss Lee as Mrs Ayuk

A Man for the Weekend – Hosts

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  1. […] Don’t miss out this highly publicized movie premier, A Man For The Weekend this weekend at Douala (Canal Olympia – October 28, 2017). Yes, go out and see what the Cameroon movie industry can offer to you. It’s going to be hectic with the presence of state authorities like the Minister of Culture and the Governor of the Littoral Region who will grace the premiere. There will be a repeat of the event in Yaounde (Hilton Hotel – November 5, 2017) for those who will not make it in Douala. Check out this link for more details. […]

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