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You are done with declaring your taxes and it’s now time for you to pay what is due to the government. The next question that comes to mind is how to actually make the payments. The tax administration in Cameroon has put at the disposal of taxpayers various tax payment options to settle your taxes, levies and fines.

In a related post on tax declaration, I disclosed the two methods used in declaring taxes

Even though the taxpayer can pay cash at the tax center where the declaration is done, it is not the same online. Online tax payment option is not yet available in Cameroon. However, there are taxes like the real estate tax that can be paid using mobile money (electronic money) services.

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Tax payment options in Cameroon

  • Cash payment: Cash payments are acceptable at the tax center where the taxpayer is registered on condition that it is less than or equal to 100,000FCFA
  • By check: the taxpayer can also pay by check in the case where the amount due as tax is more than 200,000FCFA
  • By bank transfer: there is no limited amount for bank transfers. However, taxpayers of the “Large Enterprises” category are obliged to use this tax payment option to pay their taxes, levies or fines.
  • By electronic money: there are some taxes like the real estate tax that can be paid using electronic money (Mobile money).

Checkout the guidelines for the invoicing of bank transfer charges for tax payments

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For a business to use any of these tax payment options in Cameroon, it is obliged:

  • to be a registered business with a taxpayer’s number
  • to be located at the zone under the jurisdiction of the tax center where the taxpayer does the declaration
  • to declare their yearly or monthly turnover
  • to pay the taxes, levies, duties or any withholding taxes
  • to conserve the documents for future use for at least 10 years
  • and must be willing to communicate with the authorities when the need arises

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