Cameroon: Download Your Tax Clearance Certificate Online

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July 17, 2018
Tax Clearance Cameroon
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July 23, 2018

Cameroon: Download Your Tax Clearance Certificate Online

tax clearance certificate

The tax clearance certificate, commonly called certificate of non-indebtedness tax slip can now be downloaded online. In a press release signed by the Director General of Taxation for Cameroon, Mopa Modeste Fatoing, companies under the Large Tax Department and the Taxation Centres for Medium-Sized Enterprises can now automatically obtain their tax clearance certificate online. This is done on the website of the Directorate General of Taxation.

For taxpayers who do not fall under the above categories, they can still obtain the certificate of non-indebtedness from their various tax centers. It should be noted that the certificate is obtained free of charge and is valid for three months.

What is the Tax Clearance Certificate?

The tax debt clearance certificate or certificate of non-indebtedness is issued to natural persons or corporate bodies that are liable to a tax, duty or charge who are in good standing and have paid all such taxes, duties or charges. The certificate is issued upon request of the tax payer and certifies that the taxpayer is not owing any tax at the date the certificate was issued.

Télécharger le Guide pratique des contribuables des cimes ANR (attestation de non redevable)

Why do you need the tax clearance certificate?

It is the sole document valid for the justification of the taxpayers’ compliance in all administrative procedures. As of January 1, 2017, the tax clearance certificate is required from all taxpayers that need from public or para-public institutions the following documents:

  • Permits

  • Certifications

  • Licenses

  • Attestations

  • Authorizations or any accreditations

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Verify the authenticity Tax Clearance Certificate

Institutions can verify the authenticity of the certificate obtained online from the website of the directorate general of taxation for Cameroon. This could be done by using the following steps:

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Go to the website, click on Attestation de non redevance ==> authentification en ligne ==> fill in the reference number and validate.

Having a problem verifying or obtaining your tax clearance certificate? You can download the guide here.

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  3. Ndzi blanche says:

    Thanks for the helpful information above
    I wish to know how the ANR reference is gotten in order to get access to the current ‘Attestation de Redevance’

    • Hello,
      The ANR is your Taxpayers number. Fill it in the link and verify. If it is not there, follow these steps:
      1. Make sure your tax situation is up-to-date. Your Certificate of Non-indebtedness expires every three months or
      2. Meet the chief of your tax center to update your business in the registry

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