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Strong economy na one wey e get plenty business people. If you check the big big economy for the world, you go notice say the one dem wey dem dey very strong na the one wey e get plenty people wey dem d start their own business dem by themselves.

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This mean say you no get for wait for say make some man take you for work but for think say you fit create ya own business idea yourself then take other people work for you.

If all man di want for get job, who go create am? If business dem no dey, who go employ you? So make we try for do something wey e fit helep we and others than for di rely only for other people dem for helep we give we job.

You no must get plenty money for start business. You just need for put some business idea wey u get for head into practice. Small small, you go see say e go start for di waka.

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Drop Shipping Business Idea

Weti ah want talk for ma pipo today na about drop shipping. Ah know say na new word wey plenty pipo no go understand but the business idea na very simple one. Any man fit doam and if you put ya head dey well well, you go make am big.

Weti be Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping

Drop shipping Business Model

Drop shipping na some method for sell cargo wey u no get am for ya store. Instead, you di sell na some man e own cargo. This mean say, you tell people about some product wey you must knowam well well. Convince dem for buyam. When dem pass their order, you transfer the supply for person wey ye di produce the product or person wey e get the product for ye stall.

How You Di Make Money For This Kind Business?

Weti di happen na say you di sell for your buyer for retail price and then your supplier di give you for wholesale price. This mean say, ya profit na the difference for between wholesale price and retail price.

Another way for make profit na say the wholesaler di give you some percentage wey wuna agree for each cargo wey you sellam like commission.

Drop Shipping Wey You Di Use Internet

Ah know say many people don di do this business before, though no be for the way wey dem di do now. But this one, you need for use na Internet doam. Now so, ah want talk na about drop shipping wey you fit do am for Internet. Plenty people dem get telephone today wey ye be connected for Internet. Most of the time, we di spend all we Internet credit na for Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites them for Internet. We forget for know say we fit use that same Facebook and WhatsApp for sell even product them wey we no get am.

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As ah be talk before, you no need for get stock for the cargo wey you want sellam. You just need for arrange with person wey ye getam then ye go supply the product them wey your customer ask am for ye directly.

Sell For Internet With Facebook, WhatsApp & Other Social Networks

For you for do this business, you need for know how for use Internet sell products. For OpenHub Co-working space, we di teach people how for sell products dem for Internet. We di call this kind book say Digital Marketing or even just Social Media Marketing if you want sell only for social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp.

If you want for sabi how for sell for Facebook or WhatsApp, no worry, just contact we and we go help you out for make better money. We di offer better better course dem for social media marketing and Digital Marketing altogether.

You don ever sell for Internet? You don ever do drop shipping? If you don doam, no forget for share ya sabi with we for comment box wey ye dey under this post. Ah go tell wuna more about Drop Shipping as day di go. Ah don waka!