Hey Guys! Do You Plan To Start Now? Let’s Do This Together

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Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App: Turn Your Android Phones Into A Scanner
August 27, 2017
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August 28, 2017

Hey Guys! Do You Plan To Start Now? Let’s Do This Together

Start Now

Let’s Start Now

When do you plan to start? Don’t you think that it is now? Seriously, the time is now and only now. It is not easy taking a decision to start a new idea. I just realized that the easiest way to do it is to START NOW.

Check our App of the Day, Music of the Day and Blog Article of the Day on the Tips For Lonely Entrepreneurs section below.

You could be that lonely entrepreneur like me who doesn’t have a boss to boss it on you or a subordinate to answer to your orders. This makes it very difficult for you to take control of what you do. I just decided that I should start now.

Each day, I plan to give you updates on what I have done and what I will do the following day. You can also do so at the comment section of each daily post. Here, we assess what we have actually achieved and what we plan to do the next day.

If you are thinking like me, and you are that lonely entrepreneur, then this will help us to evaluate ourselves together. Sharing such ideas may also be a means to sell your products or services through your ideas. Anyhow, there could be some checks and balances though :).

As I said above, it is not easy to work alone. No boss to direct or scold you; no one for you to be bossy on (I don’t appreciate bossy bosses – so don’t be one). You start something here and another there and at the end of the day, none is finished. You fail to meet up your own deadline. You don’t meet your own objectives. What a shame?

With this platform, I will be able to share with my audience my plans and daily reports as well as you will also share yours with us on the comment section. Let’s share our challenges, problems and solutions with each other.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

App of the Day:

Tiny ScannerTurn your Smart Phones into scanners. Use Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner. You are a start-up and lack funds to get a professional scanner. I will even advise you to keep the funds for something else. Download Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner for free and use with your smart phone or tablet. It is very handy and you can use it to scan documents, invoices, photos, business cards, reports and so on. Read more

Music of the Day

Don’t forget to check-out our Cameroonian artist of the day. He is Beatballer and sound track is Party Tales (co-produced by AfrikDigital Entertainment and GreyMatter, who has been nominated for AFRIMA 2017 in the Most Promising Artist in Africa category. Don’t hesitate to vote for him here after listening. Checkout video on the right sidebar or on YouTube.


Article of the Day:

Random Thoughts: Why Many African Companies Do Not Survive Their Founders and CEOs, by Arrey Echi.

Blog: Joy2Endure

This article touches one of the most important things young entrepreneurs of today have to put in mind – building business that outlive their stay on earth. The second point in this article got me thinking – “Our [penchant] at hoarding knowledge”. One great example of such can be seen in African traditional medicine. When we were growing up, we saw great herbalist who had concoctions that could cure many diseases when used rightly. Most of them died not sharing the knowledge with the younger generation. We can see the effects of such acts today…the proliferation of fake herbalists that mix western medicine with herbs and sell to people.

My grandmother could cure wiglow effectively. But she died without sharing that knowledge with anyone because of the simple reason that the law was for her to share it only with her daughter. Her only daughter died before her.

Just imagine how such knowledge would have been very helpful to us now. We are now dependent on Western and Asian medicine which drains thousands of dollars from our pockets yearly. If I can remember very well, these herbalist cured their patients for little or nothing.

Read Arrey Echi’s article Why Many African Companies Do Not Survive Their Founders and CEOs.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the comment section below as you enjoy “Party Tales” by Beatballer.

Kermann Lobga Derick
Kermann Lobga Derick
Content Writer / Blogger | Small Business Coach | Branding Expert | Entrepreneur| Dad Kermann Lobga is a copywriter, results-oriented digital marketing professional and an entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience.


  1. Joy2Endure says:

    Many thanks for the mention, Open Hub. I also learnt something new. Putting handy devices to good use. I will be downloading the scanner, Thanks to this post. So much to learn on this platform. I will be stopping by. Thanks again.

  2. princelobga says:

    Thanks JOYSENDURE for checking out. More interesting things will be coming. Visit frequently.

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