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Let’s dedicate this week to talking about encouraging entrepreneurship. First thing in my mind is encourage entrepreneurship by consuming our local products. There is a rapid growth in entrepreneurship in Africa even though entrepreneurs still face a lot of challenges that impede their efforts. One of the major problems entrepreneurs face is that their products are not consumed by their own immediate community.

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Africa Is The Future – Do You Agree?

That’s what people say when they sit in big meetings eating and drinking fat. I disagree with this statement. We can’t be wining and dining while saying Africa is the future without doing anything. Africa’s future is now. If we don’t work now, then there is no future. If we don’t put in the necessary frameworks conducive for entrepreneurship, then there is no future. Most of all, if we don’t consume our own, then we will have no future.

Let’s Make Our Future Now

For that future to be reached, we have to work really hard. We have to do it now. We have to come up with ideas that will affect our immediate communities. Copying is allowed. If what is good in one community can work in yours, then apply it. Let’s import ideas and not products. If we must grow, we must start consuming our local products and services.

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Entrepreneurs are the backbone of a strong economy. It’s not the number of people that the government employs that shows how a country is faring well. In fact, an economy with a reduced number of government employees is one that is doing great. The more businesses are created, with the right structures put in place by the government, then there will be certainly a future in Africa.

Consume Our Own Products

It is common to see Africans brag about having products from big brands from Europe and the USA, but will hide in their nests when it comes to local products. Your economy can’t grow if you shun away from your own. Just take a look at Asians especially Chinese. Even outside their own country, they still consume their own product. That’s why their economy is growing daily. Our markets are filled with products from other countries. We are giving our currency out when we can use it within to grow our economy.

Money can be compared to blood. When it circulates within the body, we remain healthy. Once it goes out of the body, we will be weak or fall sick. When money circulates within an economy, it nurtures growth, once it leaves then the economy is weakened.

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Have you been consuming local products or services? If you haven’t been doing so, then we should start now. Share your experience about local products you have consumed of which there is an alternative imported product.