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Brief: A box lunch delivery service business will be a low-budget option for those who are interested in running an eatery business.

You might want to start a small eatery business. All over Douala and big towns in Cameroon, we have restaurants that serve the needs of those who hustle and bustle around the city. Many people are seeing the eatery business as one of the best businesses to invest in. The start-up cost for a restaurant might not be that easy in a high-cost city like Douala.

Having a box lunch delivery business could be what you can engage in if you planned setting up restauration business. The start-up cost is not so high considering you can even do it at home.

This will be a welcome package for those workers who don’t have time to make their own lunch before leaving for the office or those who can’t afford restaurant meals whose prices are getting higher daily. The services of this business type will appeal greatly to employees or those who usually work at their desk during lunch break. Those who find it difficult to get access to local restaurants will also be in your list.

The start-up cost for a box lunch delivery service business is low, though you need to have a good organizational skill. You will also need to have a good customer base. Such a business is good in densely populated towns like Douala, Yaounde, Bamenda, Bafoussam and Limbe. Don’t forget that many people are ‘allergic’ to good food. Once they get the spicy aroma, they immediately start asking questions. By the time you realize, you are having more commands.

Below are some of the tips you can use to setup a box lunch delivery business.

1. Make a Business Plan

You should be able to make a business plan based on your market research. Your business plan should include an estimated cost of what makes up your lunch box including the ingredients and packaging. Cost of transportation, a business license, permits if there are any, business name registration, website design, payment system, menu brochures, business cards and other things to promote the business. Don’t forget that you will have to be dealing with food, so you will need to notify the health department since they will have to come for routine checks.

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2. Identify Your Target Market And The Area You Wish to Cover

The first thing you will need to do is to carry out a good market research. The market research will help you to identify your target market and the area you need to offer your services to get the best return on investment (ROI). Dina Surveys can help you with it if you need the best services of a professional.

You will need to carry out a research on whether there exist other box lunch delivery services and know what they offer to their clients and at what price.

Tip: You can partner a natural fruit juice provider to add to your menu. It is more efficient. An example could be getting a partnership with Bonga Juice because they are already into delivering smoothies on command.

3. Locate Popular Grocery Shops or Supermarkets

There are many popular grocery shops and supermarkets around big cities. They are dotted all over the popular residential areas like Bonamoussadi, Bonapriso and Bonanjo. These shops can give you the lowest prices of things you might need like fish, meats, soft drinks napkins, plastic utensils and inexpensive packaging like lunch sacks or take-away boxes. Plastic wraps will be good if your delivery consists only of handmade sandwiches or something similar. Package branding will be an addition.

Get in touch with us if you need branded packaging for your products.

4. Marketing Your Brand & Service

This is where you need to be very tactical. Marketing should not be expensive. If you want something inexpensive, then I will advise you to go in for social media marketing – or full scale digital marketing.

  • First thing you will have to do here is get a website for your business. The website should list the items you are offering in the box lunch and the various prices. This will make it very easy for your customers to place their orders online.

  • Having a blog will be another great idea. It will help you to know about your customers and get feedback from them.

  • A good blog will not only save you from the high-cost traditional marketing but will also bring you targeted traffic to your website which will lead to customer conversion.

  • Posts on social media will be the best as this will enable reposts by friends or customers to others. It is the best way to attract potential customers. It is a digital solution to mouth-to-mouth referral.

  • Get the professional service of a digital marketing agency. Nexus Digital Pro is there at your disposal. Nexus Digital Pro has various packages according to your budget. They can also provide you an on-page SEO responsive web design that is mobile friendly. You can also benefit from discounts or free hosting and domain name depending on the social media or digital marketing package you choose.

  • What about a marketing application on Android or iOS? That will be a great idea. Your customers can easily pass their commands using an Android or iOS app. Great innovation, means a fast return on investment.

Thinking of doing your digital or social media marketing yourself? No need to go around searching for the right place to take lessons. You can get professional digital marketing training offered by OpenHub in Douala.

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