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You should be asking yourself now if it is possible to have a one-page business plan. Of course, it is. You don’t need to keep postponing that business plan of yours because you think it is difficult for you to write one. If you think you can do that, after reading this post you will realize how easy it is to do a business plan with just one page.

This post is a follow-up post in our Business Plan and Investor Series. You can checkout the first post was What You Need To Obtain A Small Business Loan

Ever heard of the executive summary of a business plan? A one-page business plan is not very different from an executive summary. The major difference you will find is that an executive summary can run down one or two or more pages meanwhile a one-page business plan will fit just on one page.

Investors Will Love a One-Page Business Plan

investors abhor reading long business plans. They don’t have a lot for time for that. A single page business plan will easily give them a snap-shot of your business idea quickly. It is quite an awesome idea to summarize your business plan to be as short and yet explicit as possible. Trimming down needless words will communicate your business idea more clearly.

The one-page business plan should contain just the critical information that you will need to define your business’ strategy. You can call it a business model or one-page executive summary if you wish, but know that it is the same thing.

Characteristics of a One-Page Business Plan

  • Describe problem faced by your customers

  • Provide a solution to the problem (it could be a product or service)

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  • How you plan to make money with the solution (Business model)

  • Who are your customers and how many do you think are available (Target market)

  • What do you have that your competitors don’t have (Competitive advantage

  • Who are those to manage the business (Management team)

  • Give a financial summary

  • The amount of funding that you will require for the business to be run

Your plan’s content in this case is the most important thing and not the design. Most of the time, entrepreneurs spend time on graphical displays and presentation of their plans when the content (what you are saying) and how you are saying it is what really matters.

It’s not like I am saying you should pay less attention on presentation. What I am saying is that you should focus more on the content since it is what is most important.

The First Communication with Investors

It should be noted that the first communication with an investor in a business plan is the executive summary which you can call a one-page business plan if it fits on just one page. Investors use it to understand your skills on communication and also your ability to have a critical thinking about your business.

Tip: Spend more time on this part of your business plan

You can checkout the first post in this series, What You Need To Obtain A Small Business Loan.

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