Nexus Digital ProBranding is not only about great advertising managers sitting around a table brain-storming ideas with coffee-fueled creativity. Most of the greatest brands come from adding some fun when coming with brand ideas. Customers are interested in doing things their own way on their time. They make choices on their own on what brand to take and which to leave. Businesses also need to know how to make customers choose their products or services when they are ready to make their choices.

In Cameroon today, many start-ups and businesses are fighting to showcase their brands. Branding has become very popular, though most of them lack the knowledge to keep their brands on top. It’s not easy nowadays especially with the social media marketing being the most used space where these young brands are fighting for a place for their products and services.

Branding is not just a logo or a name. It’s a collective experience with the product or service that you want to showcase. It’s built over time and not in a single day. A brand portrays an overall perception of a company and its product or service over time.

Below, I have written four things that you should keep in mind when planning to build your company’s brand.

1. Focus on that one thing which is significant in your business

Spend time to focus on a single clear message and not to be all things to everybody. Guinness Cameroon has made a name in Cameroon because it has focused putting Guinness Stout first. It has focused on that singular message for decades, that’s why when you talk of Guinness Cameroon SA, what comes first in mind is Guinness Stout.

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2. Be consistent in your presentation

When you are consistent in the presentation of your brand, customers will recognize you easily. Be consistent in using your logos, visual elements, taglines, tone and ad-copy. 33 Export is the most recognized brand in Cameroon because they have not changed in decades. Your website, brochures, mail, and every other thing you use in advertising should have the same message and feel.

3. Make sure the message you are passing through is relevant

To do this, you need to know who your audience is, what they care about and how to speak to them. Sell to them only what is needed. Stop talking about you and start talking about your audience and what they want.

4. Motivate them with strong offers

You need to move your audience to action if you want them to remember you and buy from you. Give them a strong offer and this will give them a reason to buy from you. The offer should be clear and appropriate for your brand.

Do what ever is necessary to build a positive perception of your brand. Customers have just two things when they come in contact with your brand. It’s either negative or positive and they add a lot to their perception of your brand. These experiences will come up each time they want to make a purchasing decision. How will you want your brand to be remembered when a customer prospects to buy? Let your brand speak for you. Do whatever you can to maintain it.

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