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This is for those amazing Cameroonian women have been impacting the lives of youths in Cameroon with their activities. I have been following them online and their activities have been keeping the social media space funky. They come from different walks of life. From politics to fashion, techies to caterers, these Cameroonian women are my crush on social media.

There are just so many of them that I thought it would be great if I shared some of my selection with you. I have made a list of 10 women from Cameroon rocking social media. I know the list is longer as there many other great Cameroonian women out there doing amazing things which I may have missed. So you should make sure you tell us by dropping a comment below.

I will be updating the list each time I fall on them. So stay alert for future updates. Let’s kick off…here goes my list of ten with no ranking in mind because all of them rock in what they are doing.