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Discharge Tax Rates for Transporters

The discharge tax rate for transporters have been fixed based on specific thresholds:




0 to 10 000fcfa


10 001 to 20 000fcfa


20 001 to 25 000fcfa


25 001 to 50 000fcfa

Declaration & Payment Modalities

The discharge tax has to be declared and paid within 15 days after the end of each trimester. It is paid per council, per establishment and per the different activities in the case where there are many activities carried on in the same business place.

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Hawkers and Mobile Vendors

In the case of hawkers and mobile vendors who may have to move from one council to another, they shall not be held taxable in a council area for the same activity provided that they show proof of payment in the council of their residence. This is also applied to commercial bike riders in big cities. However, in certain local councils or municipalities, commercial bike riders are not allowed to carry out business activities outside their councils. If they do, they are charged by the local council for a daily ticket.

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