Social media is something that is taking over the Internet in Africa. If you ask any Internet user in Cameroon or any other African country what they did with Internet today, at least 9 in 10 will tell you they signed in on one social network or the other. Most of them use it just for social interactions like conversations and sharing of media. Social media marketing is still vague in their minds. Very few of them use social media to grow or start a business.

Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing For Growth

In the African context, where most entrepreneurs lack the funds to pay for marketing and branding of their products using traditional marketing, social media becomes the easiest and best way for businesses to raise awareness about their product and services.

I am not just talking, but had lived it. I used social media to successfully start my business. Yes, you could do same and even scale an already-existing business thanks to social media.

Social media is just so powerful. It has a lot of influence over our everyday lives and it will continue to influence how people behave in the years to come. In Cameroon, a day rarely goes by without someone connected to the Internet around you checking his or her social media. This means, as a business owner, you don’t have to ignore this powerful tool.

The Bad News

The bad thing is that most businesses fail in social media marketing for their products or services. This is not because they don’t know how to use it. It is because it is not easy keeping up-to-date on social media. Social media marketing takes too much time. Time is money to someone in real business. This means time is very valuable and so they ignore social media marketing which is so time consuming.

The Good News

Failure to keep your social media marketing up-to-date has created other businesses that dedicate themselves just to do that. You can gladly hire such businesses to manage all your social media marketing.

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