Ah don decide say this week say we go talk na about weti wey we fit do for push before we own small business dem. We don hear plenty time say business di grow plenty plenty for Africa. This one no mean say things dem di waka fine. Plenty things dem dey wey ye di draw we back for make say business no waka. One big thing na say we no like for chop or use thing dem wey we sef sef di produce for we own country.

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Africa Na The Future – Abi, You Agree?

We dey hear everyday how people di talk say the future for the world na Africa. The question wey ah want ask be say when the future dey? Make we forget all that thing wey dem di talk everyday about future, future, future. Africa no go be na for future. Africa ye future na now. If we no work now, Africa no go get any future.

Make We Chop For We Sabi

Ah just want talk say make we nodi sit down di wait for some future. If we no make that future now, we no go get any future. Ye di funny me when this big people dem sit down with big country dem for big dongamen (meeting) di talk. Dem di use sweet sweet word dem for make we heart sweet. Ah beg make wuna no hear. Better na hard word dem. Weti wey we pikin dem for Africa want hear na say the future na now or say ‘if we no work now, we no go get any future’.

Na How We Go Reach That Future?

For we for get that better future for we and we pikin dem, we must work hard. We must create business dem. We must bring changes dem for we immediate community. Make we copy idea them wey ye fit help we community use am. We need for reduce for consume and then encourage small business idea dem.

As ah di ever talk, na small small business people dem di make country banja strong. No be when government di employ people. How many people government fit employ? If we no create we own business dem, then we go all remain for di fine work. Na so poverty go just di knack all man.

Make We Buy We Own Thing Dem Wey We Produce

The bad thing for we na say we bad for knack mot plenty when we di only use na things wey comot white man country. You see man di happy sey ye nodi chop or wear ‘local thing dem’. Them sey tumbo di chop ye self think say ye di chop na bamboo.
When you di only buy thing na from different man ye country, ye mean say you di send all money for dey, then remain empty. If you buy thing wey ya own neighbour make am, ye means say that money don remain for corner you. If ya neighbour also use that money buy other neighbour ye thing and ye continue so, then na so the money go di turn turn di make money for all man. Na so country di grow. Make we try for di buy thing wey dem make am only for we country. When we di buy we own thing, money di remain.

This mean say we own local business people go get money, dem business go grow and dem go employ other ones dem wey no get work.

Ah know say all we don buy one or two thing wey dem produce am locally. Na how much you buy am? Why ye be say you di buy one wey ye comot other country dear? You fit answer all these question for comment section so that business tori people fit read am.