A strong economy is one that has many entrepreneurs. Checkout the big economies in the world and you will see that they encourage entrepreneurship more. Many innovations occur because the environment is not hostile to entrepreneurs. They look at entrepreneurs as the backbone of the economy.

This means that we don’t have to wait to be employed after school. While in school, we have to be thinking of what to do to help ourselves first and not to be employed (helping others who have established). This doesn’t mean everybody has to be an entrepreneur, but what you should know is that if there are no businesses, there will be no employment. So let’s try to encourage ourselves by thinking of how to help ourselves (meaning our nearest community) and what can bring in some income to help us meet our daily needs.

You don’t need a fortune to start a business. Get the business idea, start it from somewhere. And there you go! You will see how it will start to grow.

I am going to talk today about drop shipping. This should be a new word alert in our community. Anyhow, it is a business idea that can bring some extra income to anybody.

Whats Drop Shipping?

Simply put, selling something that you don’t have in stock. What happens is that you sell a product that you are not the owner or manufacturer. You tell people about a product, market it, and when they make their order, you send it to the supplier or product manufacturer who then supplies them.

Drop shipping

Dropping Shipping Model

How Do You Make An Income From Drop Shipping?

You sell to your customers at retail price meanwhile you get it from suppliers at wholesale price. This means your profit comes from the difference between wholesale and retail price.

Your income can also come from commissions negotiated between you and the product manufacturer or wholesaler. A percentage is agreed for each product sold.

Many have been doing such a business before. We usually call them ‘middlemen’. In this context, the little difference is that you use the Internet to sell. You could own a website, mini-website or just use social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others. You arrange with the stock owner and then you get pictures and post with the product description.

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A Reality in Cameroon

Drop shipping businesses are springing up in Cameroon daily. Great examples could be Jumia and Noebis. These sites also give the possibility for people to create mini-sites and upload their products or sell other products that they already have.

You need to have a good knowledge of Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing. Don’t you think it’s time for you to spend valuable time while chatting and uploading pictures on social networks to gain some cash?

If you need help doing this, get in touch with us. We offer digital marketing and social media marketing training at OpenHub Co-working space. Checkout Nexus Digital for your digital marketing and social media marketing services in Cameroon.

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We can also set-up a mini market place for you where you can display products that you don’t own. Contact us here.

Have you ever heard or done drop shipping before? Share your idea or experience in the comment section below.