Here is the beginning of a new week. The week looks promising and a busy one with schools to begin this week. You can get tips on what to do with your child if (s)he has difficulties in learning from

Anyhow, this is what my week is going to look like. Don’t forget that we will all evaluate ourselves at the end of the week. And don’t hesitate to share your plans at the comment section. It will be very helpful for us lonely entrepreneurs us.

My head is just so crowded that I don’t know what to put for this week. I had to listen to Calée by Daphne as a decongestant. Don’t forget to vote for her for the AFRIMA 2017.

Back to work. My plan below:

Website To Completion

I have got a website of an Equato-Guinean NGO to complete. I will be putting in all my best in this project to give them the best. I just need some few hours of work daily to come up with something perfect. Spending all my day on it will decrease my level of imagination and inspiration. You know I don’t joke with my clients – especially when they pay well and in advance :). I also make sure I respect scheduled deadlines. I am using WordPress for designing. I set-up everything during the week-end including the template.

EmvatoI get my WordPress templates from Themeforest. They have amazing templates at very affordable price. If you want to design your own WordPress site and need a Premium template, you can checkout Themeforest.

Design Your Own Site With WordPress

Website design and maintenance could be costly for you as a lonely entrepreneur. Maybe this is the time for you to do it yourself (DIY) to cut down on cost. This is going to cost you something for now, but will cost you just your time in future.

You can take a short course in WordPress administration at OpenHub Co-working Space. After finishing the course, you will be able to design and manage your own site. Why not? You could make some cash out of it by designing websites for others.
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If you are not a designer and need a website for your business, get in touch with us. We are now offering a complete and affordable package (Hosting, Domain Name, Designing with Premium WordPress Templates) for small businesses to showcase the products or services online. You can checkout our website and what we do. Visit Nexus Digital.

A lot of asides there. Let’s go back to my work. Get in touch with me if you need a website for your business. Don’t forget to leave a comment about how your week is going to look like.

Enjoy Calée by Daphne.