Lesceline is 28 years old and her dream is to start a restaurant business. She has a passion for cooking. She has plans to start a box lunch delivery service to help workers who lack time to prepare snacks before they go to their offices, those who are busy going out to eat or those who couldn’t afford meals in restaurants. She plans to sell her box lunch delivery service on the Internet where most people working are usually connected on social networks – especially during break.

One thing Lesceline did not do was to carry out a marketing study for her business. To her, everybody needs to eat and so there is no need checking on her market base. One other problem is that she has no knowledge of online marketing eventhough she wants to market online. She has decided to concentrate more on her project than on anything.

Let’s Analyse Lesceline’s Box Lunch Delivery Service

Lesceline is actually moving into shallow waters without knowing the risk involved. She needs to ask herself certain questions and until she gets the answer, she should not venture into her Box Lunch Delivery business.


Questions Lesline Needs to Ask Herself

  • Is it possible for her to develop her business activities on the Internet without having any knowledge of social media, Internet or Digital marketing?

  • Will her box delivery business be welcomed by clients?

What we can see here is that Lesceline is in a haste and needs to calm down and make her dream successful or continue and see it crash. Let’s not leave her to see her dreams crash. Below are some solutions we can offer to Lesceline.

Lesceline Listened to us and had the following Solutions

Lesceline decided to meet one of our expert coaches in entrepreneurship to help her in this business. Below is what the expert coach at OpenHub helped Lesline with:

  1. Carry Out a Market Survey: The first thing that she did was to carry out an online marketing survey. A questionnaire was sent online as well as offline to study her business’ market. She was just so surprised of the outcome of this and realized the mistake she would have made if she went unaccompanied. Now she knows her target market and how to go about meeting them. Get in touch with us for your market surveys.

  2. Branded Package: Secondly, from the advise of B2C marketing expert, Lesceline discovered that she will be needing a branded package for her Box Lunch Business. She decided to engage with us for to brand her delivery boxes for her business.

  3. Digital Marketing: She will be needing the services of a digital marketing expert. She therefore decided to remain with us since it is one of the services we offer with our sister company, Nexus Digital Pro.

Leslines Box Launch Business

She took the advise from our expert business evangelist (that’s how we call ourselves) and did the following:

  • Host and design a mobile / responsive website with a catching domain name and on-page search engine optimization that will rank high on Google’s first page. The website will have a blog with high quality SEO friendly articles that will bring in high traffic on her website. This means her ROI wont be a problem.

  • Lesceline has decided to take OpenHub’s Digital X eight-week specialized training course in digital marketing so that she can reduce the cost of marketing her business in the nearest future.

  • Lastly, Lesceline has also taken the services of Vonyaa Holdings Ltd that will help her to legally register her business, manage her bookkeeping, accounting and taxes. This will help her not to need the services of a permanent accountant that will be expensive. Vonyaa Holding Ltd is also a startup founded at OpenHub Co-working Space.

Lesceline is so happy that she met such a wonderful coach at OpenHub and has vowed to always come for advise in anything surrounding her business. Her vision now is to have an application whereby customers can order directly rather than calling. She has started discussion on how the app should look like. Don’t forget OpenHub builds Apps for businesses. It is also the first startup in Cameroon to offer app marketing services.

She plans to use the aid of visual communication in the nearest future to do more of her marketing and convert the many visitors into customers. This is one of the services that is offered by OpenHub.

Thanks to Lesceline’s coach at OpenHub, she has seen a way to grow her customers and get her ROI. She has also decided to work with Bonga Juice in order to make a complete lunch package. In this case, you can order your box lunch along side a smoothie from Bonga Juice to complete your lunch package.

If you also want to grow your business or brand, get in touch with us. OpenHub is your Business Solutions Partner. We work as a team to bring growth to your business. Try us and you will try again!

Don’t hesitate to give Lesline more advise on what she can do to make her business grow. She is watching this space. Contribute for the growth of her business by commenting below. Don’t hesitate to share with your network…it might be of help to someone.