9. Yolande Mengila Ndi Kima

Yolande MengilaCo-founder of SHREC-CIG, Yolande has been working hard to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich by addressing social needs as a means to tackle poverty in communities. To her, every girl, woman and youths in general should be self-reliant and be able to use their talents to improve their standard of living as well as develop their communities.

10. Pascaline Nenda

pascaline-nendaThis multi-award winning strong lady is changing the terrain of baby’s food in Cameroon and Africa in general. She is the Founder of Lamana, a local business that produces instant cereal for babies and children in general. Lamana has a series of products with Blesolac being the most popular.

As I said above, this list of amazing Cameroonian women active on social media will be updated as I discover them. Note should be taken that the above list is void of any ranking. We will soon be engaging with some of them for a full interview. Keep watching these page for updates.

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Photo Credits: The ladies’ Facebook Photo Gallery